Explore Shadow Properties in EF Core

In the previous post we discovered Query Filters, a feature for EF Core 2.0 and later. Now I want to take a look at another popular feature Shadow Properties. When designing applications we tend to keep our code clean and simple, however there are times that you need to add properties other than what is required in your main business use cases, CreatedOn and LastUpdatedOn are such well-known properties.

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Explore Global Query Filters in EF Core

In this article we are going to check one of the features of Entity Framework Core, Global Query Filters; this was introduced first in EF Core 2.0 and is just a query predicate that will be appended to the end of where clause for queries on entities for which this feature has been activated. Some common scenarios would be Soft delete and Multi tenancy.

Consider that you are writing an application in which entities can be soft deleted, why not completely delete those entities?

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